Welcome to our little corner of the {Mid}West!

Romancin' the Range Boutique started as a hobby back in 2003 when Mama Mavis took what she learned during a jewelry making class & started selling her pieces in the local flower shop. Fast forward to today and "RTRB," as we affectionately call it, has grown into a full clothing and accessories boutique, based out of our hometown in Lemmon, South Dakota. We have a Main Street store front location where you can shop in store with us, or online anytime here on our website. 

So where did we come up with our name and why do we call ourselves a {Mid}Western boutique? Growing up on the SD/ND prairie, I have always been in love with not only it's beauty, but also the unique culture of our area. We are a mix of farmers and ranchers, some who work with tractors and four-wheelers and others who pride themselves on horsemanship and long days in the saddle. Some of us work in banks and in schools, others drive truck and build homes. We are stuck somewhere between the rich farming country in the east and the Rockies to the west. To call us western wouldn't really capture the full picture of who our communities are. So for that reason, we want to romanticize this range that we call home. Our goal is to provide a space where styles meet to reflect our corner of rural, blue-collar America, from western influences to classic and feminine. 

A little bit about Mavis and Kate - we are coffee addicts, we thrive on humor, Kate loves cows, Mavis loves chocolate, and together we want to bring you the best shopping experience possible!